Ribbit !
Do frogs actually say that?
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Why do people think frogs say RIBBIT?

Yep, Hollywood did it!

None of the frogs in my pond say it.  Are there any frogs that actually say RIBBIT? 

YES!  Guess where?  If you live on the west coast of the United States, you already know.

In the early movie days, when Hollywood needed sounds for a night scene, they took their microphones outside the studio. That's how the world was introduced to that famous RIBBIT frog sound. 

It's the Pacific treefrog (Hyla regilla).  It is a familiar frog sound in the Pacific coast states, wherever there are grasses and low plants near freshwater.   Pacific treefrogs come in different shades and combinations of green and brown, and can change their color from light to dark when they want to change their body temperature - darker to warm up, and lighter to cool off.

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