The Pond
 Where the action is!
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This page will explain the anatomy of the pond, and its various "faces" throughout the seasons.

   Pond seasons "clock"

   2010 review!
   Run the "slide show" at this link for a time-lapse review of the season,
    from spring fill-up to midsummer dry-up to December freeze-up.


The frog season always starts with the mid-March, cold, rainy-night migration of spotted salamanders
and wood frogs, aka...


   The food chain
    The pond may LOOK peaceful, but there's plenty of action of you look closely!

  JULY pond  - 2010
     That's the lilypad patch sticking up high and dry, at the receding water's edge on the right.  This is about three feet (one meter)
      down from full springitme level.  The pond has no inlet, fed only by rain and snow.  There is an overflow channel going off to 
      the right, leading to a culvert that goes to a nearby wetland, so the pond never gets fuller than the top of its banks.

                                                                                                                                                                                   July 20, 2010


    Compare to APRIL
     In the brim-full springtime pond, the
lilypad patch is just starting out, with a few small pads appearing in the "deep" water. In the 
     seven years I have been here, the pond has always been full to the brim in spring, from winter snow.
                                                                                                                                                                                       April 4, 2010

    How LOW will it GO ?
     This was October 2006 - a very low year.  Interesting to imagine three big snapping turtles, 20+ painted turtles, 20+ bullfrogs
     and green frogs, and a hundred big bullfrog tadpoles all shoulder-to-shoulder in that little puddle four inches deep. 


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