The Frogs
 Who's who in the pond
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Many more pictures coming, plus sound clips and info about the different species.

There are FIVE frog species that inhabit or visit my pond.  Some just come here for springtime egg-laying and then head back to the woods, others are year-round residents who spend the winter hibernating under the mud at the bottom of the pond (brrr-r-r-r!)

The cast of characters, in order of appearance when spring arrives:

   Wood frog  (for now, see Salamander Night)
   Spring peeper     
   Green frog
   Gray tree frog

But... th
ere are SEVEN species in my geographical range (eastern Massachusetts, USA).  Why don't the other two show up here?  If you have an idea why I have not seen a leopard frog or a pickerel frog, please send me a ribbit at the email  address below.

I know there is global trouble with frogs, but so far I have seen NO trouble in my pond... the population is booming!

Do frogs really say RIBBIT ?
Except for movies and TV, most people have never heard a real frog actually say RIBBIT.  Here's why.

Send a ribbit!

 Frog facts backup courtesy of a true frogman...
Mike Pingleton

Spring peeper


Wood frog


Gray tree frog

(Many are green)

Green frog

(Many are brown)