Dinner Tales
Oops, did I order the LARGE
frog legs?

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(This is the rest of a story that was started on the Food Chain page)

It was a quiet day at the edge of the pond ...

A sudden scramble at my feet began a stunning drama, when a garter snake darted out of the grass and grabbed a bullfrog basking in the shallows.

You wouldn't think there'd be any hope for this meal working out, but this snake was the poster child for ...

Big dreams !

A ferocious standoff

     The snake tried to DRAG  the frog back onto the shore, and the
      frog tried to to KICK (with one leg)  back into the pond.

      Up to the shore ... back to the pond...  back and forth ...

      The frog was making screechy distress calls I have never heard
      from a bullfrog.

One foot down the hatch ...
Somehow!   I didn't see how the snake got his mouth wrapped around those
spikey spread-out webbed toes... it happened up in the grass.

Mama !
More distress calls ...
(Notice the snake at the right of the picture, chowing down the leg.)


One whole leg down ...
Uh-oh, now what ?

Undaunted, moving right along ...

Take it to the water ...
One-legged frog kicks things back to the pond

Determination !
But, really ...  how can this POSSIBLY work?

Burp !
Snake gives up, frog limps away
That left leg was just dragging.

Whew ...
Left leg soon comes back to life.
Survived to hop another day!

Exhausted snake rests on a rock
Didn't move for at least half an hour!

Just another day in the life of the pond community !