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If they could talk ...

Many of my frogs have striated scars on their face and back.  How did this happen?

After watching the jaw-dropping pond action around here (see the Food Chain page), plus doing a little bit of research, I have hatched a theory. 


The facts:

From my own observations

Bullfrogs will pounce on anything that moves

Often the target is another frog, even if it is
  nearly the same size as the pouncer

Often the pounce is unsuccessful, and the  
  target escapes

From Web research

Bullfrogs have tiny teeth in their upper jaw

So ... the theory:

My scarface frogs are ...
"The ones that got away"        

If anyone can confirm or refute this theory or knows something about Bullfrog teeth please send me a ribbit!  (Address below)

Notice that all but one of these escapees are bullfrogs themselves (the last yellowish one is a green frog).

If you doubt that a bullfrog can grab a frog three-quarters its own size, check out this cavernous maw:



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