Pond Wakes Up!
2011 season start
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The first week in review

The ice was melting in the pond, and the snow was melting on the ground.  Everything was ready for the migration of wood frogs and salamanders from the woods across the road.  They often go into the pond when there is still some ice.

   March 16 - Ready and waiting  ... 

"The first rainy night after March 15 that's above 40 degrees"
The rain just didn't come.
Spotted salamanders and wood frogs only move in the rain at night...see Salamander Night for more about this spring migration.

Then it SNOWED big wet soggy flakes on March 31, and two or three intrepid wood frogs made their move.
I didn't see them go, but they were quackle-ing in the pond later that night...

March 31

    This is what the road looked like... but no frog footprints!

   THEN ...
Maybe some action on Monday?
   The "rule" for migration is 40 degrees or warmer, and raining.  (But the frogs and salamanders don't
   read the rules!)

Sure enough, on Monday night a wood frog turned up on the doorstep and hopped around in
    last fall's leaves...

    April 4

    And THREE spring peepers were hanging around the front door (is it the light coming from the house
     that attracts them?)

     April 4                                                                                                        More spring peepers

    Frogsquatch V was in the driveway from the April Fools' Day snow...
     a curious crossing of winter and spring!                                                                              More Frogsquatch

One peeper joined the wood frogs the next night:

April 5

It doesn't look good for migration in the next few days.  The temperature is great, but these critters need RAIN to stay wet on the trip from the woods to the pond.

There are a small number of wood frogs and spring peepers in the pond now. On April 6 (Wednesday night) only three peepers were making noise:

April 6

    Earlier in the day, the first turtles (eastern painted) crawled up on "the turtle log"