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        Everything about vernal pools, with links to educational
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         A Field Guilde to the Animals of Vernal Pools
If you are interested in ponds (not just vernal
         pools)  you must GET THIS BOOK!  It's a  
         treasure trove of photos and information
         about every possible critter, large and small,
         ordinary and weird, that you might find in a
         vernal pool or regular pond (except fish,
         which aren't present in vernal pools).

        The link lists a number of nature  books. 
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     Everything amphibian - education, conservation, global issues,
     calendars, books, T-shirts, inspiration...

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What’s going on here?

In 2003 I moved into a house with a pond in the back yard.  Little did I know that it was bursting with frogs! I love critters of every kind, and I just happened to have a camera that could do great closeup shots AND see in the dark so that was the beginning of Frog Shots.  Six years and many gigabytes later,  my photo collection was spilling over from one hard drive to another, and it was high time to go public and share the bounty! was launched in May 2009.

Even now, two years later, this is still just a framework to get started you'll notice "under construction" signs on many pages. There's MUCH more coming .. stay tuned!

Happy hopping!
- Frogshooter

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Salamander night !

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Scarface mystery

Voice of the pond 

Frog Museum
The beginnings of MANY portrait galleries 


 Pond show
 Run the "slide show" at this link
  for a time-lapse review of 2010


    Last 2010 "frogs in the road"



    Buxom beauty  


   Traveling mates  

   Drill team  


    Pond monster   


   New 2010 pond citizen!  Can you guess?

  Turtle eyes - On the level


   Dinner tales   

   Frog movies 

Last frog and turtle of 2009

 Frog of the Day
    ... or maybe something else!

"Frog of the Day" ran from July 2009 (when this website was launched) to April 2010. There are a lot of fun shots here that haven't yet been sorted onto their proper pages

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