March 2010
Frog of the Day
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Frog of the Day

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This Frog of the Day list (March 2010) is the only one that starts with the earliest picture at the top.  All the other months go in reverse order, with the latest picture at the top.

March Pond
The March pond usually starts with ice that is melting around the edges.  By the end of the month it is clear, and the duckweed is just barely beginning to grow in little bits here and there.  This picture is March 19.  The spring peepers started peeping that  night.

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March 11

First frog!  A wood frog about to cross the road from woods to pond.  For more about the spring migration
see salamander night.

March 13
Second night of road-crossing for wood frogs.

March 13
... and spotted salamanders !

March 13
Wood frog at its destination (the pond) 
That's a raindrop plopping in beside him/her.

March 19
Wood frogs are beginning to show their faces in daylight

March 20

Getting right down to business.  Wood frogs in "amplexus" and mosquitoes at the juice bar !

March 21
Wood frog relaxing

March 22-23

The last two migration nights (41F/5C and rain)
15 salamanders, 21 wood frogs


March 25
The spring peepers have been peeping since March 19
(see voice of the pond), but they always start on the far side of the pond where I can't get to them.  Now they've spread over to my side where I can get close and shoot !

March 27
Spring peeper
Watch out for that pointy acorn !

March 28
Spring peeper

March 29
First bullfrog seen this year - he was crossing the road.  I posed him on my driveway where Frogsquatch finished melting only three weeks ago.

March 30
Toad on the doorstep

March 31
First bullfrog in the pond.
When shot from above, and the water is very clear, you can't see the water line.  Just the face is above the water.