The Drill Team
  Wait a minute...
  Don't FROGS eat BUGS?
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This is an interesting topic brought to my attention by a researcher studying, of all things, mosquitoes biting frogs!  I have a small collection of such events, but I will look for more now that I am "tuned in". 

I believe that my frogs generally go for bigger prey than mosquitoes.  (See the food chain page for bullfrog dining adventures.)

These shots beg further questions... why have I never seen a mosquito on a spring peeper?  Or a mosquito on a gray treefrog?  Do mosquitoes bite the exposed skin-parts of turtles?  They surely bite ME when I am out there at night!

Wood frogs                                                                           What is

This happy couple was oblivious to the assault ("amplexus" is what they're doing... to merge their DNA and make the next generation).

From nose to toes

Just a little pinch ...
(Notice the view of trees and sky in the eye.  For another frog's-eye scene, go here.)

Drinkin' the Kool-Aid

Double dip

Count 'em!