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Salamander night !
Who says RIBBIT ?

Salad face


The big guys !

Bullfrogs are the famous big, beefy frogs in stories, cartoons, and TV ads.

They like to hang out in the shallows along the shore where they can have their feet on the bottom and their head sticking out.  On warm nights, they often come out of the pond and sit on the shore near the edge of the water. 

Jug o' Rum
They make a noise that sounds like a low moan. When they do their three-syllable version of this moan, some people think it sounds like they're saying "jug o' rum".  


If you startle a bullfrog while it is sitting on the shore, it will chirp and jump into the pond.


Q:  What do bullfrogs eat?
A:  Anything that moves !

Looking cute ...                                                           Until dinner wanders by !

Ever wonder why that smiley-looking bullfrog mouth                           ... all the better to EAT you with, my dear!
extends all the way from ear to ear? 

that moves .. including other frogs. (See the Food Chain page.)  They eventually get it down (whole), but if you startle them at this point the victim may escape and hop off in the other direction!

They don't have a long tongue that snaps up bugs, but rather they pounce headlong onto something moving nearby, and use their front feet to help stuff it in.  I can often identify individuals by the scars on their smooth snouts
I assume from crashing into things like sticks or rocks.  OR ... another cause for interesting scar patterns... check out the Scarface Mystery.

    Green scene

   Mr. and Mrs. Bullfrog
   (Hmm... or maybe it should be Mr. Bullfrog and Ms. Cowfrog?   ... a cattle-flavored nuance pointed out by a visitor from Texas)